MAX TECH & BEYOND promotes the rapid development of energy efficient appliances
and supports the education of the next generation 
of U.S. clean energy engineers.

"I see this work as tremendously important to our energy future and I hope you will go out into our society and try to alter the way that the general public conserves and uses energy. Your generation will play a key role in transitioning our society to a way of life that is sustainable for future generations."

-Mark Walter, Lead Faculty Advisor, Ohio State University

Request for Proposal

Proposals for the 2014-2015 academic year are now being accepted!! You can find the announcement here, which details everything we are looking for in the proposals. You can also look at what past teams have done and start thinking about what type of prototype you would like to create.


In the terminology of federal energy efficiency standards, “max tech” appliances and equipment are those that achieve the maximum possible efficiency by incorporating all proven best practices in energy-efficient, ecological design.

and "BEYOND"...

Going “beyond” max tech, fundamentally new technology advances can expand the potential for future energy savings while equipping the U.S. with further means to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint.

Ohio State University: Hybrid Air/Water Conditioning Appliance Bench Prototype
SantaClara University: Energy saved from automated blinds
Cornell University: Full Spectrum Lighting PCB converter layout
CalPolySLO: Thermal image of waterfall cooling system (Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic Panel)
University of Maryland: Heat Pump Clothes dryer prototype construction
Santa Clara University: Solar Thermal Preheater Dryer Design (patent pending)


In just three-years the Competition has supported 29 faculty-led student teams, totaling over 150 students, from 16 U.S. universities. The portfolio represents a broad array of next generation technologies.

Photos Courtesy of University Teams

Challenges university engineering and science teams to design, build, and test the next generation of ultra-efficient appliance and equipment technologies to achieve max tech and beyond.

Stony Brook University Team Thermosyphon
CalPolyPomona Cool Solar Team Meeting
Texas A&M Refrigeration Valve Reconstruction
UCBerkley Team BEST Small Scale Testing
Cornell LED Dye Testing Phase
UMD Residential Air Condition Construction Phase


Investing in the nation’s universities, harnesses the intellectual horsepower of the nation’s brightest minds, and inspires a new generation of engineers for whom energy efficient ecological design is a foundational principle.

Photos Courtesy of University Teams
Positive Impact

Max Tech and Beyond is continuously growing and picking up the interest of others nationwide. This article...



Request for Proposal 2014

We are pleased to announce that we will begin accepting proposals for the upcoming academic year (2014-2015) starting March 31st, 2014. The announcement is attached but can also be found...